Quick Tip – vROps REST API requests using RegEx expressions

The vRealize Operations REST API allows using RegEx expressions in various GET methods. Sometimes it is not clear how to use the expressions. Here a very simple example of using RegEx to retrieve vROps Virtual Machine objects, which have VM names starting with certain strings. Encoded URL – example: https://vrops-test.comp01.local/suite-api/api/resources?resourceKind=VirtualMachine&adapterKind=VMWARE&regex=s030v.*%7Cs030e.*%7CS030E.* Example in Postman (of course, …


Maintenance Mode for vRealize Operations Objects, Part 1

In this and following posts I will show you few different ways of putting vROps objects into maintenance. Objects in vROps – short intro The method used to mark an object as being in the maintenances state depends on the actual use case. As usually, the use case itself is being defined by: Requirements – …