Month: April 2023

Aria Operations, Super Metric, SuperMetric, Sustainability

VMware Aria Operations Near Real-Time Monitoring Option and Power Metrics

One of the advantaged of VMware Aria Operations Cloud over the on-premises option is the availability of Near Real-Time Monitoring for the most important vSphere metrics. This is especially very helpful when troubleshooting short-lived issues. However, this option brings with it a small challenge, especially if some of such near real-time metrics are later used …

Aria Operations, Super Metric, SuperMetric, Sustainability

Enhancing Sustainability Data in VMware Aria Operations using REST API and Automation

Overview of OOTB Sustainability With its VMware Greenscore VMware Aria Operations provides a great way of not only showing the effects of your current efforts toward more sustainable operations, it also offers multiple approaches which will help organization improve their operational efficiency, save money and reduce carbon emissions. Major use cases possible OOTB With the …