Month: March 2023

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How to provision local SaltStack Master to work with VMware Aria Automation Config Cloud (aka SaltStack Config)

Recently I had to install and configure a SaltStack Master in my home lab and connect this master to my Aria Automation Config Cloud (aka SaltStack Config, i will use both names in this post) instance. Even if the official documentation improved a lot, there are still some pitfalls, especially if you are not experienced …

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Aria Operations Heatmap Widget meets Custom Groups – Grouping by Property

The Aria Operations Heatmap Widget which is very often used in many Dashboards provides the possibility of grouping objects within the Heatmap by other related object types, like in the following screenshot showing Virtual Machines grouped by their respective vSphere Cluster. Problem description This is a great feature but the grouping works only using object …

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How to detect Windows Blue Screen of Death using VMware Aria Operations

Problem statement Recently I was asked by a customer what would be the best way to get alerted by VMware Aria Operations when a Windows VM stopped because of a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) or a Linux machine suddenly quit working due to a Kernel Panic. Even if it looks like a piece of …