Month: January 2024

Aria Operations for Logs, vRealize Log Insight

Aria Operations for Logs – Fields as Part of Alert Title – Quick Tip

As described in the official VMware Aria Operations for Logs (formerly know as vRealize Log Insight) documentation, you can customize alert names by including a field in the formatĀ ${field name}. For example in the following alert definition which will be triggered by VM migration operations the title will contain the name of the user who …

Aria Operations, Super Metric, SuperMetric, Sustainability, vRealize Operations, vROps

Energy Data at Datacenter Level using VMware Aria Operations

As you all probably know, VMware Aria Operations is providing several energy consumption and sustainability related data at different levels. From the power usage of a single Virtual Machine up to the aggregated data at the vSphere Cluster (Cluster Compute Resource) level. What we are missing, at least as of today, are similar aggregated metrics …