Month: July 2023

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Checking SSL/TLS Certificates using Aria Operations – Update

In my article “Checking SSL/TLS Certificate Validity Period using vRealize Operations Application Monitoring Agents” published in 2020, I have described how to check the remaining validity of SSL/TLS certificates using Aria Operations, or to be more specific, using vRealize Operations 8.1 and 8.2 back in the days. I did not expect this post to be …

Aria Operations, Content, Sustainability, vRealize Operations, vROps

Fixing “Virtual Machine Power Metrics Display in mW” using Aria Operations

In the VMware Aria Operations 8.6 (previously known as vRealize Operations), VMware introduced pioneering sustainability dashboards designed to display the amount of carbon emissions conserved through compute virtualization. Additionally, these dashboards offer insights into reducing the carbon footprint by identifying and optimizing idle workloads. This progress was taken even further with the introduction of Sustainability …