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How vRealize Operations helps size new vSphere Clusters

In ESXi Cluster (non-HCI) Rightsizing using vRealize Operations I have described how to use vRealize Operations and the numbers calculated by the Capacity Engine to estimate the number of ESXi hosts which might be moved to other clusters or decommissioned. The corresponding dashboard is available via VMware Code. In this post, I describe the opposite …

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Exclude “Aggregate” Instanced Metric using vRealize Operations Super Metric

As you know vRealize Operations is collecting tons of various metrics. Some of these metrics are so-called “Instanced Metrics” and disabled in the default configuration in newer vROps versions. A list of disabled instanced metrics for e.g. Virtual Machine object type is available here: If you need any of those metrics, you can enable …

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vRA Dashboard – Tenant Focused View How-To

As many of you are probably aware, vROps provides an easy and comprehensive way to monitor and manage a vRealize Automation (vRA) environment through utilizing the Native Management Pack (NMP) for vRealize Automation. The MP gives you a variety of pre-configured dashboards, view, alerts etc. which all work perfectly fine and give you a sufficient …