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Aria Operations for Applications, Sustainability, Tanzu Observability, Wavefront

Energy Consumption Data in VMware Aria Operations for Applications (FKA Tanzu Observability, FKA Wavefront)

My last posts focused on sustainability and how VMware Aria Operations can help get more insights into energy consumption, infrastructure efficiency and how to improve operations and make the virtual infrastructure more sustainable. In this post I will describe how I used an old Raspberry Pi, a DHT22 sensors, few Shelly Plug S smart plugs …


Wavefront by VMware and Log Ingestion

Motivation In my last post, I have described how to ingest power consumption data provided by the vzlogger project into vRealize Log Insight and how to extract the actual metrics from the log message. That setup is working since days as expected but the primary use case for vRealize Log Insight is intelligent logging and …