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vRealize Log Insight

Parsing CSV Files using vRealize Log Insight

Last year I published a blog post focusing on the JSON parser available in vRealize Log Insight (https://thomas-kopton.de/vblog/?p=144) and I believe this could have been a beginning of a series – “vRLI Parsers “. In this post I will show how to configure and utilize the CSV parser using a very prominent and media-effective use …

vRealize Log Insight, vRLI

vRLI JSON Parser and vRO Log Messages

Problem statement: In certain cases vRO workflow(s) are producing not very well structured  log messages. “not well structured” means in this case that various workflow runs  may generate log messages which could include variable information in terms of number of key:value pairs as well as the values themselves. For example we might have a workflow …


vRealize Log Insight Data Sets using custom filters

IMPORTANT NOTE: All log file examples are not real and exact PCF log files. Since I do not have a running PCF environment while writing this post, I have used some fake examples and modified them to meet my needs. Let’s consider following use case. You are responsible for operating a Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environment. …