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Energy Data at Datacenter Level using VMware Aria Operations

As you all probably know, VMware Aria Operations is providing several energy consumption and sustainability related data at different levels. From the power usage of a single Virtual Machine up to the aggregated data at the vSphere Cluster (Cluster Compute Resource) level. What we are missing, at least as of today, are similar aggregated metrics …

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Multiple Metrics with Aria Operations Telegraf Custom Scripts

When using VMware Aria Operations, integrating telegraf can significantly enhance your monitoring capabilities, provide more extensive and customizable data collection, and help ensure the performance, availability, and efficiency of your infrastructure and applications. Utilizing the telegraf agent you can run custom scripts in the end point VM and collect custom data which can then be …

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vRA Dashboard – Tenant Focused View How-To

As many of you are probably aware, vROps provides an easy and comprehensive way to monitor and manage a vRealize Automation (vRA) environment through utilizing the Native Management Pack (NMP) for vRealize Automation. The MP gives you a variety of pre-configured dashboards, view, alerts etc. which all work perfectly fine and give you a sufficient …