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Capacity Management for n+1 and n*2 Clusters using vRealize Operations

When it comes to capacity management in vSphere environments using vRealize Operations customers are frequently asking for guidelines how to setup vROps to properly manage n+1 and n*2 ESXi clusters. Just as a short reminder, n+1 in context of a ESXi cluster means that we are tolerating (and are hopefully prepared for) the failure of …

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vRealize Operations and Logging via CFAPI and Syslog

Without any doubt configuring vRealize Operations to send log messages to a vRealize Log Insight instance is the best way to collect, parse and display structured and structured log information. In this post I will explain the major differences between CFAPI and Syslog as the protocol used to forward log messages to a log server …

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Adding custom objects to vRealize Operations with the REST API and vRealize Orchestrator workflows

In a recent blog post “Adding Custom Metrics and Properties to vRealize Operations Objects with the REST API” I have described how to add additional metrics and properties to existing objects in vRealize Operations using the REST API and Postman. But what if you would like to use the outstanding vRealize Operations engine to manage …